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  • Can I give discounts?
    I run certain discounts every now and then. Keep visiting the site for them :)
  • What wool do you use?
    You will find premium quality acrylic blend yarn on this page since pure wool is hard to maintain, costly and bites the skin.
  • Are hand knit products warmer than machine made products?
    Ofcourse, the fibre of the wool goes through so much motion during the process of knitting that it increases the insulation.
  • Why are the products so costly?
    Well, they are handmade. My grans and I put in days and months into making each of the products. Fair payments is the grans and my right.
  • Is shipping free?
    Shipping is included in the pricing for convenience.
  • Do you work alone on this project?
    No, I have a team of grannies that I work with. They help me scale the business and bring new patterns to you.
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